Gumtree Scam Attempt

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Got some scam attempt on Gumtree today so I thought I would document it in details if this can only help someone else avoid it as well

So I put one of my child's "baby walker" on Gumtree.

baby walker

A few minutes after posting the add I receive an approach on WhatsApp. It goes as follows

1[Scam artist]: Good morning. I'm here about your ad. Is it still up to date?
2[Scam artist]:
3[Me         ]: yes it is. the dog is already packed and ready to ship if this is what you want
4[Scam artist]: Great. Can I arrange for courier delivery?
5[Me         ]: Yes. Alternatively, if you prefer I can take care of everything for you if you
6               prefer as I have a Hermes shop down the road. £6 - same price as gumtree
7               (once you add the VAT to their price)
8[Scam artist]: That won't be necessary. I'll place the order now and pay for the order and the courier.
9[Scam artist]: You will receive the money and then the courier will call you to arrange a time

This was not the first time I have had similar discussions with sellers. Therefore this time I decided to have a look and see where it would lead me

1[Me         ]: Great (are you paying with the gumtree system\?)
2[Scam artist]: Yes. The money comes to you through a secure transaction on the card
3[Me         ]: ok
4[Scam artist]:
5[Scam artist]: Click on the order link to confirm your order and receive the money on your card.
6[Me         ]: Will do the moment it arrives

Gumtree is owned by eBay. I was therefore expecting to receive some email on the address I gave to gumtree about an order. I, therefore, missed the link to the scammer watering all above

1[Scam artist]: After confirming your order you will receive an email from gumtree
2[Scam artist]: The gumtree does not display your order until you confirm it. To do this follow this link

confirmation message from the scamer

1[Me         ]: Ohhhhhhhh lovely

The lovely is me seeing finally spotting the link and the "" address which to me equated to "SCAM" in 72pts font

1[Scam artist]: I thought you had used this service before
2[Me         ]: no
3[Scam artist]: here are the rules

Rules of the Scam

1[Me         ]: It all looks like a very elaborate scam to me (you nearly got me for a minute)
2[Scam artist]: What scam?
3[Me         ]: sorry hold on

At that point, I decided to have a look so I had to install a browser in a sandbox on my computer so the below is me wasting time

 1[Scam artist]: Follow the link and you will see that the order has been placed and paid for
 2[Me         ]: Listen. For all I know You could be a lovely and genuine person
 3[Me         ]: But as someone working in IT, any system that relies on someone sending a link is flawed. 
 4[Me         ]: So I won't be participating. 
 5[Me         ]: If you a genuine person, and are worried about the whole thing of paying a stranger with
 6               internet, pay me with Paypal (buying goods and services). You will get all the protection
 7               you need
 8[Scam artist]: I know how it happens. I already paid once via paypal and got scammed.
 9[Me         ]: even with the "buy goods and services" where paypal withhold the money from the seller?
10[Scam artist]: Yeah. There was a fake paypal.
11[Me         ]: :)
12[Scam artist]: What?
13[Me         ]: Fake paypal

At that point, I managed to open the link in a secure environment and here is what I saw

Landing page

The scammer landing page included a picture of my good and the asking price. I then clicked on the receive funds button and I am taken to the following page

Landing page

As expected they are after your credit card. I did not go further and decided to end the joke with my friend

1[Me         ]: Anyway. this was an interesting discussion
2[Scam artist]: They are made for other people
3[Me         ]: As you probably saw I clicked your link. It took  a bit of time as I had to install a sandbox
4[Me         ]: Well elaborated scam
5[Me         ]: I will write a blog post and share it as much as possible. Its' important people are well aware of that
6[Me         ]: Thank you for taking the time

I that point I also noticed some Cyrillic characters on the WhatsApp profile. Should have noticed that before

Scammer profile

*** Update 17 May ***

Looks like we have had a facelift. I guess people must be happier to get scammed by someone with a lovely avatar

Scammer profile

*** Update 20 May ***

I cam across some other scammer. Although they used the same protocole, they provided a screenshot from an email reported sent by gumtree support team to explain how the "Gumtree delivery" process worked. Although we talked yesterday please note the date of the email in the top right corner of the screenshot. The email is a fake and it is very easy to make up a document to look like an email

Outdated email from Gumtree support team

*** Update 22 May ***

Two new "potential buyers" for the dogtoday. One nice looking lady and (a first) some red faced gentleman

2 new faces


  • The scammer website is hosted behind Cloudflare. I reported it to them and after the second email they have added a "suspected phishing site warning"
  • I reported the person to WhatsApp and whatsapp has done nothing
  • Finally I reported the thing to gumtree. Gumtree has not responded. Gumtree is owned by ebay and one has to wonder whether people being scammed on gumtree could actually be good for them as it reduced the chance of them using the free platform and head to the paying platform instead.