We have seen traffic congestion for years

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The below was originally published in Camden New Journal

We have seen traffic congestion for years

"Normal" time now appears like a distant thought and it is very easy to forget that many of the thoroughfares such as Camden High Street or Parkway have been congested for years (a quick look at google map's "historical traffic" can be helpful if you need convincing). Emergency vehicles have been delayed on their life-saving missions on congested highways for as long as I have been living in London (and there was not much-segregated cycle lanes & LTN back then).

Evidence of a delayed emergency vehicle is routinely pointed at as a smoking gun to argue that LTN should not be. If the punctuality of emergency vehicles is a real concern, you will be pleased to know that 10 of the 12 NHS Ambulance Trust (the remaining 2 did not respond) did not oppose the rollout of LTN and popup cycle lanes. Furthermore, in the borough of Waltham Forest, where LTNs have been rolled out since 2014, they have not caused any further delays to emergency vehicles, with the average arrival time staying constant/decreasing slightly.

If the timely arrival of emergency vehicles is your concern, do not aim your outrage at LTN. Instead, consider supporting schemes that aim at reducing motor traffic, if you are healthy and mobile think twice before taking the car (it's easier but is it really necessary?). Camden Council have demonstrated that they are willing to tweak the schemes (Like recently the Southern part of Arlington Road) and evolved them so engage but don't oppose as this will not improve the arrival time of emergency vehicles